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Paraboot x Arpenteur

The Chukka & the Mirage

The French labels Arpenteur and Paraboot have partnered, once again, to create two unique models of Paraboot: the Chukka and the Mirage.

Two redefined versions of the Chambord: the Chukka features a higher top and a casual aesthetic, when the Mirage is a contemporary version of the classic Paraboot’s derby with a softest look wearable in a variety of styles, from formal to casual.

Made from full-grain leather, designed and manufactured in France.

Since 2011, Arpenteur’s collections are halfway between respect for tradition and creation stemming from multiple inspirations. Their products combine the utilitarian quality of outerwear, workwear, and sportswear with the sophistication of studied cuts and sleek finishes.

Paraboot is the top shoemaker in France for more than a century now. Their know-how, quality leathers and local craftmanship led them to become the oldest French heritage shoe-brand.

In total, more than 150 operations are necessary to make a pair of Paraboot.

Paraboot x Arpenteur