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Soleil Ring, Simuero
Ajout rapide


Price €125.00

Bague Soleil


Founded by Rocío and Jorge, Simuero is a brand of handmade jewellery, located in their workshop in Valencia, Spain. Inspired by nature, its shapes, its strength, its immensity and its generosity, the founders design and manufacture each of their pieces themselves. They emphasise the importance of craftsmanship by sharing its true meaning, the fact that it is a slow and meticulous work. All their suppliers (tools, stones and silversmithing) are located within 10 km of their workshop. All pieces are made from recycled silver and the wax used in their design process is used and reused until the last shave. Each piece is made to order and spends approximately 180 minutes in their hands before it is in yours. Once finished, each product is then wrapped in organic cotton remnants (perfect for cleaning your sunglasses, for example), and the whole thing is protected in a biodegradable and compostable cornstarch bag.